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Al-Khalil Trading & Supply

+20 (2) 279-595-27


مصر,  القاهرة ,  القاهرة ,  3 mostafa kamel st. , star tower Lazoghly sq Down town

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Al-Khalil Trading & Supply

Al-Khalil Trading & Supply One of the most leading companies in the supply of all types of steel from the Iron Pipes and Stainless Steel of all types and sizes and supplies as well as for pipes fittings of all types and sizes. And the company was founded on a set of objectives, including: Provide the best service to customers. Fully meeting the needs of customers. Honesty and clarity and transparency in all dealings. And by improving ourselves to be the source of confidence for many companies throughout the world and all this through the possession of good and well-qualified team to provide the best services, high levels of quality, which leads to access to the highest degree of customer satisfaction.
المنتجات والخدمات
Calamity - knife - butterfly - Fisheries - Counters - steam trip - Filter - Non-return
المجموعة: صمامات أنابيب
Welded Pipes
From 1 / 2 to 24 All Thicknesses Local manufacturing Imported Turkish
المجموعة: الأنابيب الملحومة
Seamless Pipes
from 1/2 to 40 Table 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 120 /160 Astem Alo6 GRB Api 5L GRB
المجموعة: سلس بايبس
Iron flanges
Iron flanges according to the specifications of the German "flange - neck - medicate" Iron flanges according to the specifications of the U.S. "lip - neck - medicate" Iron flanges locally according to both Moasftan "lip - all thicknesses medicate"
المجموعة: الشفاه


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